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Build Your Ideal Position

A Guide To Your Greatness

this course covers

Ever question why you are not where you want to be in your career?

The first section of the course starts there. Unpack and uncover those aspects that are holding you back, and those that can lift you up...if only you understood them better!


Understand how you are showing up, and learn to speak to your intrinsic qualities. Get to know your core values, personality and preferences.

Now take that thorough self-knowledge to target positions that will be an ideal fit.

This isn't the first time you are searching for a job, but the tools taught in this section will guide you towards new possibilities and then focus your efforts for success.

Target your search to meet your criteria-be that salary goals or flexibility in your schedule.​

Building off the foundational work of the last two sections, tailor your resume for your Ideal Position.

Learn about how to brand, design and format your resume to stand out. 

Compile and maintain a portfolio of work that can easily translate into your next career goal.

I guide you through every section of a resume in detail so you know you've got it covered.

Walk into the interview secure in knowing it is a good fit. Lead from a place of comfort and ease; able to focus on creating a real connection with your soon-to-be co-workers.

Know how to prepare, be present and follow up. Take the guesswork and ego out of the interview process. Get what YOU need out of it.

You'll no longer feel lack-luster about building a network when you are doing so from a sincere place.

Connect with people because you want to, not because you feel you need to and watch the new possibilities unfold!

This section includes strategies for both online and in-person connection, all with sincerity and ease.



Chantel really helped give me the confidence to finally make that career change that I've been thinking about. A very valuable class.


 Thank you, Chantel for motivating me, giving me a different perspective, and providing the tools for me to craft my own career!


I really enjoyed Chantel's concise and positive style. I appreciated her focus on values and self-awareness at the beginning of the search.


First off I want to say as a Consultant I have tried many different programs but I must say this one is my all time favorite.  I am so glad I purchased this course. I highly recommend it.

All of that PLUS a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you're on the fence... Or if other trainings have left you skeptical... Then I want to give you EVERY opportunity to put Building Your Ideal Position into action and experience how easy and exciting it can actually be to find a fulfilling career; to KNOW it's a good fit AND have the skills to continue to refine your career path.

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