Why we went mobile

We are Adonis and Chantel, a biracial, intercultural couple on a journey to create and inspire. We both started out in high tech, and after a decade-plus, each made the decision to embark on a different path and in 2017, while in search of that path… our paths crossed.

Now we live and work full-time mobile in a self-converted Mercedes Sprinter van, which allows us to be where we need to be when we need to be there in order to connect with the right clientele.

The best way to travel for work, and be on vacation.

There are many reasons we embarked on this journey—one being to create beautiful imagery and stories that are part of how we hope to inspire and guide others towards a harmonious fusion of living a fulfilling life complete with engaging work.

When we met, neither of us was place-based so we had to decide where to go and how to be together.

I followed Adonis to NYC where his creative agency and photography business are based. I'd spent nearly two decades building my client base on the west coast however, so eventually, I needed to head back that direction.

It didn't take long for Adonis to join me in Seattle, and we then landed in the Portland area for a while because I needed to have some face time with a client there.

This arrangement didn't suit us.

While I'd spent time in Portland before and loved many things about the area, it had since grown into yet another big city and I missed many of the quaint things I'd fallen in love with.

We then refocused on Adonis expanding his business to the West coast and targeted LA.

I was tired of constantly moving though, and paying high rent in big cities for small spaces.

We were so glad the day we turned in the keys to our last apartment, but there was a big learning curve in front of us to figure out how to be full-time mobile.

Still, it was and remains to be the best way to be in the places we need to be and in front of our clients when we need to be there. In between are so many amazing experiences as we explore new places that we would never otherwise have planned to visit!

We then took this sense of knowing we'd developed on our travels to invest in property. Being mobile is the best way to really be able to get a feel for different areas and actually spend time assessing. We also learned how much we loved to be on the beach, so bought a couple houses on the Pacific coast and paused for some much needed van renovations.

Then, on the week of our five year anniversary, on the Tuesday of five twos 2/2/22, we went down to the local courthouse at 2pm and were married in two minutes flat. We didn't even take our coats off.

So tell us...

How do you create Harmony?

HARMONIOUS means having the parts agreeably related. (Merriam-Webster, 2018). So often in life we are torn between different areas, so struggle in a state of conflict, unable to create a cohesive whole. While life will never be "in balance" we each can create a more harmonious state of being.

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