Texas - An Overview

Neither of us had spent much time in Texas, save for flying through, but found it to be a pleasant surprise. A large part of the beauty of Van Life though is traveling slower and really experiencing what's around. Also, Texas is big, so we ended up spending a bit of time making our way around.

Here is an overview of our time there and some tips and recommendations.

Originally Texas was a winter escape, that then turned into living on the beach, but once the hot and humid really set in, it was time to go! But that took some time. Texas is huge. You can fit countries inside of it, I checked (because of course there is that option: https://thetruesize.com).

  1. Texas is a great place to hide out from winter. Yes, it gets cold in the north, but it's a big State, so just head down to the Gulf of Mexico and make your way north as spring sets in. The wildflowers are lovely!

  2. Invest in a Texas State Park Pass. Not only does it waive the day fee, but it gets you half off your second night of camping. Reception can be spotty in the parks, so we'd go run some tests before settling on a space for a couple nights. It is easy to find State parks, and here is a map.

  3. Look for city parks with pavilions, there are usually outlets and water spigots available, and reception is usually okay. Visit the Logistics page for similar tips.

  4. The sales taxes is steep, but there is no income tax, so this is a good State to set up residency if you are operating your own business from the road.

  5. Food: You can find your standard grocery stores, and there is also HEB. Unique to Texas, it ended up being our go-to. Whataburger, also a Texas thing, Adonis says they are great, along with Canes chicken.

  6. Top places to visit: Port Aransas where you can park and stay on the beach! Lake Meredith has great views, free camping and hot showers. Check each Texas stop to find other place to enjoy!

Adonis found his favorite potato chips at HEB