Sumo Springs and Sway Bar were quickly added after the first pass through Wyoming, where it felt more like flying a kite than driving a van!

That didn't quite cover it though, as the weight of the van set in, more upgrades were needed. Looking back, it seems strange that Mercedes sells a vehicle this size without more suspension. This chassis is the 170" extended, which means it's loooong, extending a bit over five feet beyond the back axle. While the majority of the weight (the water and batteries) is centered over the axle, the vehicle was still maxing out its suggested GVWR.

Which means that over time the stock springs sag if not properly supplemented. Finally, I opted for this full replacement leaf spring pack. They were built custom to the van's weight. The springs make the van ride higher in the rear and increased the clearance over five changer.

While I was at it, I added some Fox shocks and new sumo springs. The van rides so much better, is easier to handle and no longer bottoms out.