Snow Piles

We didn't get out in time. One of the beauties of Vanlife usually is- when the going gets tough, you can just get going. Sometimes you just miss your mark though. Down in the corner between Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri the mark didn't miss us however. It hit us square on, and we were stuck waiting it out for a few days in a serious snow storm (the very thing we were en route trying to avoid, and instead got to experience at full force).

There is still an upside to this story though! That being- we are never much inconvenienced, because we are always home. Traveling with the fridge/freezer combo (most always well-stocked) means the food won't run out, and since we can work from wherever, we do! Actually, it was kinda cozy and fun to hunker in among the semis and wait it out. I'd watch their attempts to pull out, get on the road and back on route, glad that I didn't need to chance it! Even better, found an available outlet that kept us powered up and warm while the panels where covered deep in snow.

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