Living Space

My favorite place to sit

The van seats three comfortably in the front sitting area. Both front seats swivel around into the living space, and the bench pulls out to double as a guest bed.

The bench is great in so many ways. It is the place to sit and watch the world go by, or look up for some stargazing through the Skylight.

I built the bench to pull out into a chaise lounge with storage underneath. I used 3.5 inch thick memory foam that I cut and covered in marine-grade vinyl so it's easy to wipe down and won't fade in the sun.

I then attached a desk mount to the side so it swivels in every direction and added a file holder to store my laptop or iPad in easy reach but out of sight.

I simply used a wedge pillow as the backrest, and installed gas struts to open the lid to store things below.

All of the planters (for fresh herbs or otherwise) are self-watering (I always look to reduce my to-do list, as there is plenty that needs to be done in a day).

I did not plan in and pre-wire the lights. I simply stuck on puck lights after the build was complete, and I had a better idea of where the light was most needed. It's great because they are all on remotes and have multiple settings. We use rechargeable batteries that we have to swap out to charge up every so often

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