The van had to have a full kitchen, range with oven, and space for all the appliances and other kitchen gadgets. We cook, and you can always check out what's cookin' in the van.

View of the kitchen and sitting/eating area from the bedroom

All of the shelves are open for visibility and ease of access. The only thing that needs to be "set up" at the end of the day, is swiveling the front seats as necessary, because we all know life is busy, no need to add to the day!

The sitting area has great natural light with the front windows and skylight above.

There is a glass tiled backsplash for the range, and the sliding door is covered with whiteboard wallpaper, which is easy to wipe down and great for brainstorming ideas or leaving each other notes.

The sink was an under-mount, but since has been reinforced with a stainless steel top, so now it's more like a farmhouse style. There is a raised lip to this, to catch any water from spreading onto the countertop.

View of the kitchen from the sitting area

It is a butcher block counter with a couple of brackets to support the flip up extension.

The oven was purposefully placed in front of the sliding door to allow for extra ventilation. It is a Suburban, three burner. It is great to have three burners and an oven, I just wish there were more options available in this size range, since the Suburban isn't a great price to quality ratio.

The garbage hangs on the outside of the door for ease of access and that way you're less likely to forget to take out the trash, since it's hard to miss when it's full!

The faucet is touch-sensitive. The hose can reach to the stovetop to fill pots, over to the Berkey to top up the drinking water, or open the slider and flip it outside for a convenient outdoor shower!

The Berkey ranked as the best option for filtering drinking water, because in a pinch it can be topped up from a stream, and still be safe. An in-line filter would be nice, but clean drinking water is the best. I made a simple mount and drilled it directly into the metal, and then used some straps to hold it in place, which works great, no fear of movement.

The sink area also has a large soap dispenser (holds an entire bottle of bio dish soap), which is mounted directly in the counter so does not move around. Also mounted in the sink is a sponge caddy that allows for plenty of ventilation.

Appliance area in the pantry

A small dish mat lives next to the sink, and a full dish drying pad can cover the stovetop as needed. A large cutting board can also set on top of the stove to make use of that space to prep. All of this together makes it a fully functional kitchen with plenty of counter space and storage, while still being easy to maneuver, keeping everything within reach.

The pantry is fully stocked and houses all the appliances like my Kitchen Aid (a must!), amazing rice cooker, carbonator (I love my bubbly water) and the tea kettle when not in use. The drawers are deep so they store a lot, and the bottom of the pantry are on sliders for maximum access. The top portion of the pantry is complete with a bottle rack for a liquor cabinet.

Closed pantry and chaise lounge area

There are three self-watering planters that usually have fresh herbs and three hanging fruit baskets. I tried a fruit hammock, but it swung wildly while driving and bruised everything in it.

The fridge also holds a lot, and had to include a freezer. It is the Isotherm double drawer, fridge/freezer combo that fits under the counter and works well in the flow of the kitchen. The upper drawer of the Drawer 160 Light model is a 3.2 cubic foot refrigerator while the lower drawer is a 2.3 cu. ft. freezer.  Total storage volume is 5.5 cubic feet.

I built in a folding stair so the freezer drawer would not be impeded, and the stair makes it easier to get in and out of bed.

Scroll through to see how much the fridge/freezer holds and how the stair collapses.