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How I Make Money

This is a touchy subject for many, and it was for me too for way longer than I would have wished.

We all need it and strive to make it one way or another. I struggled for a long time to make money and define my value. Every time I advanced financially, it was only because I was so fed up that I wanted to quit and just walk away. As soon as I was no longer so invested, pouring myself into something, hoping that it would pay off, then money came because it was no longer the main issue.

You Have To Be Willing To Walk Away

You have to draw a line so that you're either paid what you're worth, or you move on. The only reason you are not making what you want is because you keep accepting less. HONESTLY.

  1. Courses-It took time, but I finally got to where my intellectual property--those things I know and can package up and offer to others, makes me the most money. For me, this is the ideal state. Where I can finally make the most of my talents and experience and have the furthest reaching and deepest impact.

  2. Affiliate-The point of this blog is to help others create harmony, and I do this by sharing information and resources, many of which I then earn a small amount from. This adds up, and overtime accounts for a substantial amount. It takes time and traffic, but having that reach and impact is worth it. Not for the money (though that does enable me to continue to share on this platform), but rather because it validates that this is useful to others and has helped.

  3. Independent Consulting and Coaching- I do offer a few slots of one on one or small group coaching, primarily for those looking to transition to a full-time mobile lifestyle or create a harmonious career. I also still consult with companies and organizations looking to streamline their operations, because my career has focused on Business Process Automation, and I still work in this realm a bit.

  4. Freelance Corporate Projects- I also still keep connected to the corporate world, where I spent the most part of two decades. Every once in awhile I accept project work, but rarely because this is not the most efficient use of my time.

  5. Investing-It's a good idea.

  6. Property-While I choose to live full-time mobile, because I love to travel and experience new places, I do own property. It operates as another investment.

  7. Writting-beyond this blog I also write fiction books; some about travel, some about romance and more coming on additional topics! It isn't in the pie chart because unfortunately, it does not yet make me any money.

Main take away- diversify your income streams.

When I was reliant on my corporate paycheck for all of my needs, I was stuck and unhappy. I did the math, and even at the rate I was climbing the corporate ladder, I was always going to be tied to that paycheck!

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