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Grenwelge Park, Llano TX

Fireworks and a full moon for my sunset yoga on the river

It's places like Grenwelge Park that reinforce my mentality to go slow. Right on the Llano River, in the tiny Texas town of Llano (only a few thousand people), over an hour from anywhere, has a bit of beauty to behold.

We stayed at this park right on the river for a couple of nights planning our exit from Texas. It's such a big State and takes quite a while to actually drive out of.

We enjoyed beautiful sunsets on the Llano river, intricate sandcastles and other sand-made marvels along with the free parking and power (this was before I had the second alternator installed, and were always having to plug in).

It was only mid-June, but people were setting off fireworks, and I had a view for my full moon sunset yoga on the water. A lovely little spot, and worth a stop if you happen to be in the middle of nowhere Texas.

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