The entire back end of the van acts as a garage, storing gear, tools, necessities of the road and so much more.

The bed is fixed in place to allow for this type of storage maximization and meant I could save on flooring by only covering the living area.

A flip down hook for extra hanging space

This backspace stores:

  • an entire photo studio

  • but also an outdoor living set up

  • all my tools

  • five gallons of extra diesel (because we've had issues)

  • chains (because even if you don't end up needing them that day, you could get a ticket going through some mountain passes without them in the winter)

  • a mini shop vac and other laundry/cleaning supplies

  • all our various bags and backpacks

  • the array of hoses and plugs the van needs

  • an entire wall of shoes and is the hanging closet for clothes

And under the other half of the bed are all the house mechanics:

Keeping with the theme of abundance in our tiny house on wheels, it really has it all!