Why Create a Career Development Program...

As a freelance, corporate, high-tech, business consultant, MBA and Founder of Harmonious Work Life, I have built and rebuilt my career over the years, because I knew I had to create my own path.

I began working at a young age and dabbled in many things, working in academia, with municipalities, non-profits and more. My passion for travel drove me though and often shaped the path my career took. After living and working in both Europe and Asia, I finally "settled" into a corporate career in the States. I then spent seven years working my way up in a Fortune 100 software company but knew I had to make a change. I shifted into the realm of startups and was accepted to an incubator program where I pitched to investors while building every aspect of a business from ideation through to a viable, investible business. That ultimately lead me to focus in on my core skills and build a different kind of business, becoming a high-tech consultant. I successfully consulted for a decade, going from burgeoning Learning Management Systems (LMS - it was like the app store for education modules) to large, multi-national brands where I could increase my global reach. Finally, I had clients coming to me.

When I figured out exactly how to showcase my strengths in a competitive job market, I had employers chasing me, and I knew I could teach others to do the same...

Which is why I started Harmonious Work Life.

Harmonious means having the parts agreeably related, rather than chasing the myth that you can have it all when all that gets you is burnout.

I now help others to clarify their career goals and take the action necessary to achieve them, because I truly believe you need to enjoy your work and lead a fulfilling life!

It's your turn!

Come, create your Harmony...

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