Three shower areas and as many toilet options, because...variety-the spice of life, right? No, because redundancy is key!




The main shower lives in between the kitchen and the bedroom, mid-van. It sources water from the 40-gallon fresh tank, routed through the 2.5-gallon hot water heater, which I keep HOT, because hot showers are lovely. It features a massage showerhead, refillable soap dispenser and frosted glass shower door. While the shower mixer is fine, were I to redo it, I'd go with one that holds the temperature setting and can be easily turned off quickly and back on as a way to save water.

The shower does take up space all the time, but it also stores stuff in a pinch and is a great place to hang wet things to dry.



The kitchen faucet also swivels outside of the sliding door and is a great option for outdoor showers. Outdoor showers are great when it's particularly hot, or when you happen to be covered in mud or saltwater. The faucet head hits right about head height when standing on the ground outside and it is retractable, so can be pulled out almost two feet. This uses the same water as the main shower. So, if that tank is running low...



There is also a five-gallon solar shower bag that warms up nicely in the sun in just a few hours and can double as a dry bag. It is easy to hang from a tree or the hammock stand that attaches to the trailer hitch at the back of the van.

Both outdoor showers can be enclosed quickly and easily with a popup tent, which does not have a floor to mess with, but if something is needed to stand on, there is a floor mat that does the trick.



There is no toilet installed in the van.


It's a small space. We prefer to go outside. The three options are as follows...



There are many public toilets available in the States.

When on the road, we are likely to stop for the night at a Rest Area or Travel stop, which have restrooms.

When passing through cities, we roll into a grocery store, and then conveniently the shopping is done too.

There are also many public parks that have restrooms.



When parked in one place for a bit, where we can spread out in the open (boondocking-style), we put a small travel toilet outside, like an outhouse using the popup tent. It is well contained and easy to empty at an RV dump station or into a pit toilet.



A folding toilet seat is also stored in the shower and bags are kept on hand so there is always the option to go, and it still doesn't need to stay in the van!

That convenient toilet paper roll holder is fully enclosed and portable so can travel between the toilet options as needed.


Overall, the bathroom is definitely covered. As is the general theme with our tiny house on wheels- it's not about going without. Rather, there is an abundance of shower and toilet options.


Another good toilet option would be a composting, urine-diverting model (separating liquid from solid reduces odor). It needs to be installed and powered so that it vents. There is a range of more, mid and less expensive models, and eventually one might be installed in the van as it essentially combines the two options already in the van. Coupled with composting bags and odor reducers, it is a good option to consider.

Better yet, this incinerating toilet!